[Game Review] Brave Frontier

Brave Frontier is a turn based RPG game for Android and IOS. This game has grown popularity to mobile phone and tablet users.

The game starts at the Land of Gaia. At the start of the game a green light will say some words to you and eventually ask you to enter your IGN and the the story begins.
There are two modes in the game. The Quest mode and the Arena mode. In Quest mode you venture into the maps and and defeat waves of enemies until you clear the area. You need energy to be able to go into quest. This energy increases as you level up. you can get 1 energy after 10 minutes. You can pick what summon to attack first and activate their Brave Burst. Brave Burst is a powerful attack which you can activate when the Brave meter is filled. This meter is filled when brave crystals are dropped when you attack or killed an enemy. When you complete the map, you will unlock a new map where you can face stronger monsters. Also In this mode, you can choose up to 5 items to use to help you survive throughout the game. This items are healing items, Seal, ores, revives, etc. In this mode you can choose 1 friend to help you defeat the enemies.
Arena mode, It is a PVP mode where you face other players. You need arena orbs to be able to enter Arena. Unlike the Quest mode, arena Orbs are limited only into 3. This orbs regenerates after a certain time. And unlike the quest mode, this mode is totally automatic. You will not have the chance to select what summons to attack first. All you need to do is pray that your squad will not be wiped out. The Arena mode has also a time limit. When the time ends, The winner is decided whoever got the the higher attack hits done and HP left through the battle. Also in this mode, you cannot have a friend to help you in the battle.

There are maps available for quests. Mistral, Morgan, St. Lamia, Cordelica, Amdhal, Palmyna and Encervis. You will start at Mistral and from there other maps will open once you finish this map. You can unlock other maps when you finish maps that is currently opened. In this maps you can gain experience, resources for item synthesis, units for fusion and evolution, karma and zels.

You can choose what summon and element suits you and raise their level and Brave Burst for them to be stronger. This summons can be acquired through the use of gems, using honor points and and captures on maps, quests, and event. Gems can be acquired when you completed an area or when you buy some at the shop using real world money. Honor summons points however, are acquired when a friend has sent a gift to you or when you used a friends help at quest mode. There are also other currencies called Zels and Karma. Zels can be used this to fuse and evolve units. Karma however is used to upgrade buildings at town and create spheres. You can acquire this by doing battles on quest mode and farming at town. You can also get zel and karma through gifts.  

Most summons has a leader skill and friend skill. The skill is activated when you assign a certain summon to be a leader.

You can equip summons with Spheres. This spheres have a certain effect to summons in which you can use to help you in battles. Spheres can be created at town or you can acquire some when you rank up at the arena mode. 

There are 6 elements Fire, water, Thunder, Earth, Light and Dark.  Just like a Pokemon gameplay, One Element has the advantage on another Element. Besides from the element , there are also Summon types. These are the Lord, Breaker, Guardian, Anima and Oracle. Lord types has an normal increase on all stats. Breaker has increased Attack but decreased Def. Guardian is the opposite of Breaker. This type has increased Defense but decreased attack. Anima types has increased HP but decreased REC and oracle types has increased REC but decreased HP.
Level UP
You level up by acquiring experience points when you finish a certain quest. By leveling up, you can increase your friends list capacity, Energy and Unit cost. However, Summons can be leveled when you fuse units into them. You can also evolve them to raise the stats and have stronger Brave Burst. You can evolve this units when you maxed their level and when you  collected the required units to evolve them. some units can only be evolve to 3 star but some units can be evolved to 5 and 6 stars. 

Verdict: I give this game a PLAY IT! mark. 

The Graphics is great. The character/summon designs and the animation are really great. you have the option to turn the animations off.

The wide pool of Summons you can acquire is also great. You are sure that you can make your own team that suits your liking. 

As for my experience, The support team is doing a great job. They reply to your concern through email and updates you on the problem you are having. They also give cool compesations if ever they have downtimes.

Music options at the town is also great. You can even buy the music (using zels in-game). There are many songs to choose from. My only concern with the music i bought is that, You can only play them inside the Town Tab, When you move out of the farm, the music you played on town is stopped and the default background plays. I think it is much cooler if you can choose the music whenever i go outside the farm.

Having friends will definitely help you throughout the game. I hope a guild feature should be added to the game.

Brave Frontier is a game that is very addicting indeed. With cool summons to choose from, gameplay, and frequent game updates, this will surely make players go on a adventure, build the best squad and explore the land of Gaia. 

You can download the game Here:


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