[Game Review] – Terraria

Terraria is a game by 505 Games. A sandbox 2d view game in which you can craft, build, explore, fight enemies that comes your way. Much more similar to Minecraft but in classic 2d art view. 

You will start with 5 hearts and 1 mana star. You will have to look for hearts crystals and craft mana star in order to raise them and survive the world. 

You can build houses, armors, weapons, etc. The world is alive even though the worlds is small in mobile version. You will have have tenants on the houses you will create. These NPC’s will join you once you have met a certain goal or item on your inventory.  

Wide variety of mobs and bosses are available. Some mobs will only appear during night, some at day, some on events(Bloody Moon, Goblin Army, etc).

Yes. That’s a goddamn boss!

Ores such as Copper, Silver, Gold, and even Meteorites are available in the game. With this you can create stronger tools, weapon and armors to help you in the game.  It’s up to you to explore the other ores. 

Biomes are also available in the game; Dessert, Jungle, Sea, The Hell and others. Dungeon is also there in which you will have to defeat a boss in order to explore it and get loots from it. 

There is also currency of Copper, Silver, Gold and Platinum. You can use this to buy items (and yes DYNAMITES!!) and heal yourself to help you in your explorations. You can also get these coins in pots and chests. Some items can be found on chest and pots also. You can also acquire some items when you craft them. Stronger weapon can also be acquired when you explore a little further into the world. You can also have pets in Terraria. I really liked the werewolf one. And also can be found on chests or craft them.

There are different crafting tools in which you will need to craft a certain item. This tools can be placed as a furniture to your house or put them anywhere into the world.

There are many things in the world of Terraria. Many things will engage you into the game and really be into it.

Verdict: I give this, “Sure play this! Be sure to use dynamites lol!”

Gameplay is awesome! Will take you lots of hours to spend just to explore the whole world. Sound is great and makes the world really alive. World events is also good with random spawning time or you can make that event happen when you have a certain item to make it trigger. Boss battle is also challenging. With different bosses to deal with you will surely take time to think your next move. Weapon, Tools, and armor variation make this game stand out. You can create powerful armors and weapons in order to defeat mobs and and bosses. You can expect fun on this game just take note that your ass will will always be kicked or be smashed away if you are not careful with things lol! 

Dynamites! yeah! more Dynamites! 

Oh I almost forgot! This game is not free, cost around 5$  🙂 

You can play it now on PC, Xbox 360PS3PS VitaiOS and Android.


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