[Game Review] – Ace No. 1 Fishing


Ace No. 1 Fishing is a Fishing free to play game from Com2us in which you will catch different fish and sea creatures and be the best angler out there. 

Look at the fish! not the.. if you know what i mean..

You will start at level 1 with default rod, reels, and baits. You will gain experience buy catching fish and doing quests. You can get coins and cash when you progress throughout the game. You can upgrade your rod and reels to get the toughest fish on the game. You can also purchase this items but i warn you, you will need to fish a lot or also you can buy cash using your mom’s card to have the best items in the game. 

There is an energy gauge in which you will need to be able to catch fish. Every time you cast your line, 1 energy will be taken from the gauge.  

Yes. Paddle Fish!
There are maps you will unlock when you reach the required level into the game. In a certain area, you will have to collect all of the fish so that you will have and will reward you with cash, lines, bait.

To catch a fish you will have to cast your line by tapping the big circle in the screen and try not to reel hard and also not to reel easy. If you reel too hard, your line will snap and if you real too easy, the fish will go away.Take note, everytime you fish, your items will depreciate meaning, they will wore out and will be needing repairs.
Strike! Yes! This is bowling baby!

There is also a tournament in which requires you to catch a certain fish in certain period of time.
In tournament you will have rewards to help you in the game.

You can also add friends to have gifts daily.
Verdict: “Meh. Good time killer.”

The game is not bad. It is not good either. Even though the graphics is good, sound is fantastic and the rewards are great, the fact that in-game items are so damn expensive and you will need to use that much real world money just to fully enjoy the, that kills the game. Well, not bad if you are a kid and only needs to kill time. But if you are a hardcore game player. You know what to expect on this. 

You can download this game here:


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