[Game Review] – Robot Unicorn Attack 2

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is a free runner mobile game developed by [adultswim] and PIKPOK. 

The game is composed of a Unicorn avatar(YEAH A FRIGGIN’ UNICORN!) in which you control to avoid crashing into rocks, giants, stars, etc. Three wishes(lives) is used to get the highest score you can have in the game. 

There are 2 controls which is Jump and Dash or when you equip a wing, you can press jump button to be able to fly. You can switch this two control on the game settings. The controls is hard to master at first but when you get the hang it, I’m sure you will master it in no time. 

Currently there are 3 maps available. 2 maps are unlockable  and the other one is premium one which you will have to use real money to be able to use. The course for each map at first is always the same but as you move along, the format of the rocks changes so are the tears, giants, stars, fairies. Also a 80-ish  soundtrack together with the a background with flying dolphins, whales, seahorse etc. will also run along as you stride through the world. You can change the music or purchase soundtracks on settings.  

Because yeah. I’m a poor bastard you know lol

Tears is the currency of the game in which you will need to upgrade and customize your Unicorn. You can upgrade the body, tails and manes, wings, horns and trails. Each gives a different effect to your unicorn and also will give you a super bad-ass looking unicorn. You can also buy Tears using real world money. You can get this Tears if you log in everyday or winning the faction battle.

3 days of no sleep. -.-

There are Boosts that will help you in the game. You can use 3 Boost at a time and will need tears to be able to use them. Also Boosts can be unlocked when you reach 

Leveling UP
For you to level up, You will need achieve a goal consisting of Stars. That goal you achieve will give you a star and will be added to the required star to gain a level. Daily goal and community goal will also add to the star requirement you have if the goal was reached. You can get this if you are in online mode.

There are 2 factions available for you to choose. Inferno and Rainbow. Everyday, whatever faction wins the  daily battle will get a reward. And yes it is tears.

Who chooses Rainbow faction?!

You can also see your ranking with your friends and globally when you linked the game to your email account. 

Verdict: “A Unicorn game! Try playing this

Having a cool unicorn is not a bad idea after playing this game. The game may come repetitive since you will always run on the same format. Control is also hard at first because of the fast paced sequence of the game. Cool soundtracks are available for purchase but having the same soundtrack playing again and again may be quite annoying sometimes. Graphics is also good. Having a wide variety of customization you can do to your unicorn avatar really stands out. Overall the game is not bad as you think. If you love unicorn then you will love this game. If not, Try it first. Maybe this can turn you into a unicorn lover lol. 

You can download this game here:


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