[Game Review] – Flappy Bird

Developed by Vietnam based developer Dong Nguyen and published by .GEARS Studios, a small, independent game developer also based in Vietnam.

Earlier this year, the game had its popularity boosted because of its Simple but so damn hard to beat game. Eventually the creator had to remove the game in Google Play And Apple’s App Store due to guilt over what he considered to be its addictive nature.

first try. Darn it.

The game is so simple. The bird flap upward each time the player taps the screen. You will have to avoid the pipes/tubes in order to get points and not collide to them which will end the game. A scoreboard will show after with your score. Score is determined with the tubes you have passed.


DifficultyThe real challenge with this game is that the bird is super sensitive when it hit the pipe. The bird will drop immediately if you did tap the screen. And phase of the game is fast. 

hAh!!, what now!? beat that! 

Verdict: “JFS HGAFLASFHMAFCasffEDQJHQ@!@$&*(YIO@R*! THIS GAME! *Rage QUIT* *Play again* *and the cycle begins*

The game is fun and so addictive. This is good is for players with longer patience. I can’t imagine how a simple yet hard to beat game had this popularity and fame in our planet. And how the hell did other players got their ridiculous score!? Well i think practice make perfect though. The sound and graphics(Copy right issues they say) is not bad, but no background music while you are playing. Control is simple. Just tap your screen and you are playing the game. The Bird sensitivity is ridiculous BUT this what makes the game stand out. If you haven’t tried this game yet, yes you can play it. But I am warning you. *Rage Quit* incoming.



2 thoughts on “[Game Review] – Flappy Bird

  1. Honestly, I became addicted (as well as my siblings) to this game. The game is so simple but addictive. Whenever you get new record and lose, you will repeat the game just to beat it over and over again. The cycle repeats itself until your phone's battery pass out (don't know if the term is right).

    Anyway, I stopped playing it because I realized I had not done anything useful with my time. From morning until night, my time was focused on playing. But overall, it shows that there is no need for a high graphics or great gameplay/story in developing an app because this simple game became viral or popular in just a short period of time. Learn from Flappy Bird.

    Nice review Chris! 🙂

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