[News] Pokkén Tournament?l!

We all know that Super Smash Bros is crazy right? Ever heard of Pokemon and Tekken in one concept? Heed no further my friend. Pokémon company just announced Pokkén Tournament.  A new arcade fighting game being developed by Bandai Namco’s Tekken team.

There is no release date yet and there is no clear date or announcement that this will be released for Western gamers. Rumors first speculated if this is true. Also an image was leaked before the announcement. And here it is now. IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN! There is no announced console for this game yet(maybe the console perhaps). So we will have to wait for another announcement.

A video trailer was also released by The Official Pokémon Channel confirming the announcement.

Awesome moves. I wonder if there’s a Magikarp for this game lol!
The trailer looks awesome showing some trademark moves of Lucario and Machamp. For sure, other Pokémon will have their own special moves too and that would be cool.

I will keep you posted if ever an update or announcement will come out for this game .
 What are your thoughts about this? Comment it out here! 



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