[Game Review] – Sky Force 2014

Sky Force 2014 is a vertical shoot-em-up game 
developed by Infinite Dreams , in which you will use a ship to destroy things that comes along your way. Simillar to classic like 1942 and Raiden Legacy. 

You will start at level 1 map with one ship with no upgrades whatsoever. You will have to collect stars and more stars to upgrade your ship part to be effective in the game. 

Maps will be unlocked when you reach a certain requirement to unlock that maps. Maps will be harder with more enemy ships, more bullets and missiles fired as you go on throughout the game.

Insane. Yeah. Just Insane.

There is no definite level for the ship you are using but there are upgrades for the plane’s parts in which you upgrade to boost your effectiveness in each level of the game. This parts will level up when you upgrade it. Once you upgrade this parts you will have to wait for a certain period of time to be able to use it. The more you upgrade these parts, the more stars you will need to spend and more time to wait for it to be completed. Of course you can use the stars you’ve collected if you don’t want to wait. 

Yeah. Need more stars eh?

There is also and upgrade(Fire rate, Laser, Bombs, Shields) when you play into the maps but these upgrades will only stay until you finished that level. You can also buy these before you start the level. This also cost stars.

You can control the ship by dragging your fingers to the screen. the plane will move to where you point your finger. The plane also autofires so all you need to do is point your plane and avoid the hell that is coming to you. You can also set up your control on the settings.


Cards are acquirable items in the game. This can give additional functions like, Extra capacity, Faster rescue, Faster upgrade time etc. You can get these cards only if you finish the level. You can also get multiple cards in the game. 

Each level has a boss at the end of the stage that you will need to defeat and destroy. You will need to fire the parts that fire bullets, Missiles, Etc, before you can actually destroy it. This bosses drops a considerable amount of stars other than the simple maps you destroy. 

KABBOOOOM!!! Who’s your daddy now??! 

Every map has an objective in which you need to do in order to unlock and change the difficulty of the game. each difficulty has a significant change so expect more bullets, missile and kamikaze planes to hit you and destroy your ass out.

Scoring system is also applied to this game. Depending the mobs you killed, Rescued people and star collected, all shall add up to your total score. 

Darn it!


In game purchase is also available in the game. You can have this unlocked when you got 1000 star. In the shop you can buy stars to help you early in the game and also you can disable ads using real world money. 

Verdict: Great time Killer!! Lets kill time together.

This game is free to download. Even if you don’t purchase stars, You will still have fun with this game. Excessive grinding may be needed if you don’t want to spend a nickel on this one. In game purchases is not that bad, It can help you a lot if you want to beat the game that bad. This is one of the games I know that purchases are not that needed or optional to be able enjoy the game. Graphics and sound  is so great. And men the explosions and animations are great! I really like the details that was put out to this game. Also expect a lot of “game over” in this game. Multiplayer is not yet available in the game. My only complain is the ship. For real only 1 ship to use? I hope they can add more.  I believe this is one of the best shooter games that i know that exceeded my expectation. I was never a real fan of this type game but this made spend hours and hours of gametime (yeah grinding) .

Download the games here: 

Google Play


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