[News] New 3DS consoles announced!

You heard it right mate! The new 3DS cosole was announced and will be available in Japan this October 2014. Western release may come next year and too bad for us.

Why do always Japan always gets the good stuff first?

The New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS LL will have new shoulder buttons, added button at the back, a second analog stick and brightly colored buttons. There will be hardware update and will be able to play some games that are not currently available with the recent consoles we have. Faster CPU is expected with this.
Also NFC capability on the bottom touchscreen for the upcoming Amiibo figures and improved 3D just like we have with our beloved WiiU.
hey Mario! Is that piss you’re holding?!

Camera improvements and new charging dock is also expected. Exclusive games will also be available for this console together with a limited edited design of this console for some Nintendo games. 

Here’s a short video for you.

Nintendo is so crazy about their announce and really builds up hype and excitement for gaming fans like me. I hope all that we are promised will come into fruition and really live up to our expectations. (I might sell my 3DS  just for this.. lol)   

I will try and update you regarding this port and let’s see what will happen with this and with Nintendo.



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