[News] Samsung Gear VR Revealed!

Today, Samsung and Oculus revealed their next wearable device, The Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition.

Oculus said on its Blog page that the device will run of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, using the phone’s GPU/CPU to power the device and the Quad HD low-persistence 5.7 inch 1440p AMOLED screen as the display. They said the The “Accesibility” is one of the best aspect the device will offer. You will just need the Galaxy Note 4, Plug it in the device and you are good to go. Easy to use. The device will run on Oculus software to easily launch and transition between VR applications without taking the headset off.

is he watching art films? 
The Innovator Edition will open up the SDK for developers so that games and other applications can be created for this particular device. 

There is no released date yet but it surely it will come to us in no time. I wonder what game should this device play(i vote for Flappy Bird!)?  lol 




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