[Review] Swing Copters

Another game from .Gears Studios: Swing Copters. Playable in Android, iOS and Kindlefire, this will sure bring out beast and the heck out in you like the previews game they had. Do i have to mention it?


You will start at the bottom of the screen with a funny looking worm with propellers on its head. What you need to do is avoid hitting the sides of the screen and also avoid moving obstacles as you fly your way up. When you hit them it it game over for you. 

Why do I suck to this game??!


All you need to do is tap your screen to go left or right. The direction will be determined on which the worm was facing so when you are lying facing left, when you tap the screen, the worm will go right and also same when facing right, you will go left.

Backgrounds and Obstacles

Background are randomly picked. This will change whenever you start a new game. There you will have the same background though. The obstacles is composed of swinging thing like hammers and attacked to a steel bars. These obstacle are randomly generated so that every game you have will be different. 

Really i tried my hardest here -.-


Your score will show right after you hit the walls or the obstacles. Scoring will be determined when you passed the obstacles as you move up. 1 point for each obstacle passed. You will also get Medal if you reach a certain point in the game. You will be given bronze, silver, and gold being the highest. There is also social scoreboard in which you can compare your score with other players using your Google account.


“*throws tablet on wall* T.T yeah seriously. This game can break phones.”

This game is no joke. Rage quits are expected to this game. Being one of the hardest game I have played so far(yes including that Flappy Bird). This game is unforgiving like its predecessor. navigating your way up is hard and when the obstacles comes, the game really becomes harder. The swinging stuff makes it harder to pass it. You will need more time to master just to navigate you way up. Well, this is another good game by .Gears Studios. The graphics and gameplay is simple as usual and the nothing special with the sounds. This game totally gets my respect.

I wonder what game will .Gears offer next. One thing I am sure though, They are fond of making a hard game and making people rage like hell and everything. How about you? Any thought about this game? 

I hope you like my review to this game. Feel free to comment your insights.

This game is free! Download the game here.



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