[Update] Terraria Mobile

Another update was released today for Terraria mobile after the recent update we had. Most of the update are bugs fixes and some features are added. Here’s the list of the update made:

– Expanded language support
– Made Ocram slightly more difficult
– Fixed bug where Ocram didn’t spawn enough minions
– Fixed glitch where you could ignore Ocram’s damage by using the spike blocks
– Ocram gained a bit more health
– Fixed tinker workshop glitch
– Fixed Clockwork Assault Rifle not working as intended
– Added boss music
– Added snow biome music
– Fixed issue where underground music would not play
– Tweaked various loot tables
– Overall a bit less loot and sometimes lower spawn chance
– Tweaked the drop rate of soul of night / light
– Fixed rainbow rod not having a projectile

Time to explore this sheep

The update is good to make the game stable and a bit harder. As we can see also most the items are added and getting inline with the pc version. I hope the update will continue. I can’t wait to have the full version of this game. I wonder, will the map be expanded? If yes? When will we have it? What are your thoughts about the update? Comment it out!



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