[Game Review] Nanaca†Crash

A game developed by M.C3 CO., LTD. Once a flash game for PC but now is now available for Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets. This is also a spin-off of the game called CROSS†CHANNEL in which the characters are based. If you want a game that can make you waste time or waiting for a bus to come on your way home, this is a good game for you. 

You will start the game by holding the screen and release your finger to determine the angle and velocity of Nanaca crashing her bicycle into Taichi, sending him flying across the screen. Your score is determined by the distance of his flight. Certain characters he crashes into will greatly affect his velocity. There is a tutorial on how to do play the game so do not worry you have the hang of it. The goal of the game simple,have the farthest distance you can have in the game.


During the game, if “AERIAL” lights up blue or red in the top left hand corner, you can perform an “AERIAL CRASH” tapping the screen. Both types of aerial crash give your character a boost – the red type angles it upwards, and the blue type angles it downwards. Note that you only have three red aerial crashes available, so use them wisely. Also, the blue aerial crash takes time to recharge after use, as you can see from the percentage next to it. If “SPECIAL” appears on the screen when you hit another character, tapping the screen will activate that character’s special.

Taichi knows where to land. 

The game will only end if you don’t have enough power to push through or if you hit Misato by accident. Your score will be shown right after you the game ends. 

Character List
There are characters in the game that can help you or a pain in the ass in the game. Here’s the list of the characters and their effects when you hit them.

Nanaca The star of the show, Nanaca can teleport in and boost your character using the AERIAL CRASH.

Taichi The Poor guy.

Sakuraba Hiroshi Hitting him just changes your angle, it doesn’t give you a boost or slow you down.

Youko When you come into contact with her, she initially does nothing, but the next time you hit a female character, she will block whatever normally happens.

Misato Normally she will force you to stop. However, if you’re able to activate her SPECIAL, it boosts you with the highest power out of all the characters.

Kiri When you hit her, she gives you a boost. Her normal boost accelerates you at a 45 degree angle.

Touko When you hit her, she gives you a boost. Low-altitude type. Power is just a little stronger than Kiri.

Tomoki This dude will slow you down when you hit him.

Miki When you hit her, she gives you a boost. Launch type. Power is just a little stronger than Kiri.

There is an achievement in the game. Everytime you meet a certain requirement, You will unlock images, sounds, animations etc. You can find this in the gallery panel. 

You can change backgrounds available in the game. You can find this in the Settings.

There is a in-game purchase but the only item you will purchase as of now is removing the ads.

Not this time mate

Verdict: “If you are bored try playing this game.”

The game is not bad and not good either. The game is fun at first but can bore you out also since the game flow will be the still be the same. There is no storyline to follow. All you have to do in the game is crash into Taichi, Send him flying and try to not end the game quickly. The game has good visuals and sounds. The in-app purchase also does not require anything to be bought. Overall I liked game. It is fun and funny at same time. This is a good time waster. Just keep in mind that Taichi will have a bad day if you play this all day long haha!! Also this is also safe for work so you don’t have to worry. 😉

You can download the game here:

Again thanks for reading this and I hope you liked my review on this. Till next time. Happy gaming buddy!



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