[Game Review] Baby Bomber

Baby Bomber is game by Quite Mile Studios that takes the concept of the story of the Crane delivering babies into houses and shooting them into the chimneys. Be advised that the delivery is not that safe as you think. 

You will start as a crane having a white bag that will be released upon tapping the drop button. You will fly and avoid obstacles. You will only have one life so be careful flying through the obstacles

Gameplay is pretty easy. Avoid obstacles(walls and chimneys) and prevent yourself from dying. When you hit birds, foxes or cats? I don’t know what they are lol, its the end of you. Meanwhile when you hit the balloons held by the foxcat(yeah foxcat it is) you will game points this points is multiplied in every bomb you shoot in the chimneys. 

The game will have a faster phase the longer you fly. 
bring it on!

Three controls are available, the drop, up and down button. Drop button will drop the bomb the crane is holding. While up and down button will make your crane go up and down the screen. Of course this will be used to avoid 

There are different obstacles available in the game. The black birds, the houses and castles the foxcats. Once you hit this bastards, the game will end. 


Black birds will end the game once you hit them the same with the foxcats. This bastards will explode once they hit something.

There is a point system available in the game. You will gain points as long as you are flying. You also get points by popping the balloons the foxcats are holding. You can do combo kill by popping balloons and dropping foxcats in the chimneys or other flying obstacles. 

You can compare this points with your friends or worldwide. 

There is an ad floating at the top most part of the screen. 

There is no in app purchases. There is no exit button to exit the game. 


Verdict:”meh sure time killer. Is there anything else? “

The game is addicting indeed. This will also bring the beast out in you if you play this seriously. The game has good graphics and but has repetitive background sound and effects. The  gameplay is pretty easy at first but when the game phase becomes faster, it will beat the hell out of you. Doing combos is pretty rewarding having more points to add to your high score. As of now the controls are not that accurate(i don’t know if thia is intended) adding to the difficulty of the game. When younpress the up button, sometimes the crane will go down and same with the down button. I hope the controls will be fixed. The game will be repetitive as you play along with the same obstacles to encounter. This game has a lot of potential. I hope the developers come up with ways on how improve this. A level system perhaps or power ups?  Its up to you guys. I would reccomend this game if you want something new or a gamed to try. Kids definitely enjoy this game. Overall I like the game but not that contented. I thought something was still missing. I hope this game will improve. 

Thanks to Quite Mile Studios recommending this game to me. I hope you succeed on this game and I am really hoping this game would improve! 

I hope you liked my review on this. Till next time! Happy gaming buddy! 

Yes the Crane has a surprise foe yah.. A bomb!! Hahahah

You can dowload the game here

You can also like their facebook page:

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