[News] Engame Is Coming

If you are playing Ingress, then you should be notified about the upcoming game called Endgame: The Calling by James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton. In partners with Google Niantics, The game will be launced in 10/07/2014, that 15 hours left for us. An event in New York will be lauched together witht the countdown. 

Am I F*cked? I guess yes…

Endgame: the calling is a game where you find clues, find the key and when you find the it, you will given the chace to open the vault with a prize of $500,000 worth of total Gold. Yes that’s a bunch of fortune for you, if you find the key which was placed around the world(I hope I got the correct explanation of this Cheers!)

$500k friggin’ dollar

I don’t know how will the game will be and look like. Only few will be chosen to play the closed beta of the game and will be realesed as the time comes(crossing fingers). The mobile game is still under development and will be released maybe next year. 

This one really intrigues me and what mysteries it will tell to us. Since this will be like Ingress, You will find yourself outside of your loft just to play this game. I really hope to play this game and see what it looks like.

Try to check this site to know a little bit about Engame

You can Purchase the book on Google Play

I hope you liked my post. Have a nice day buddy! Game on!


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