[Review] Super Smash Bros 3DS

Want to smack your friends out in a game? Want to play different Nintedo characters on a single game? Then this is the game for you. I introduce to you Super Smash Bros 3DS! 


There are so many modes to choose on the game, however the main game would probably make your  opponent be off the platform. You can use Items, power ups and Super moves to throw them off the platform. You will choose one character of your choice and have upgraded so you can optimize and attack your enemies and win the Stage. 


There lots of characters available to the game. All of the Nintendo characters from Mario to Link, Samus and Fire Emblem’s heroes, Meta Knight and OMG Ganondorf, In which you will unlock. Even Wii Fit Trainer is available in the game with so many characters to choose from. There also unlockable characters if you have fought enough fights to unlock them.


Characters in Super Smash Bros has a default moves assigned to them. However, you can change this moves and attacks if you acquire this while doing Solos, Smash runs and Trophy rush.

This Girl can kick your munchkins


There are so many modes to choose on the game. You can choose the Classic Smash, Solo smash, All Stash Smash, Smash Runs and Minigames. And there is also an Online mode where you can play with other smashers when you connect to the internet.


There is a challenge option you can complete certain tasks should be done to complete a challenge. You will get rewards from this challenge and will unlock a new panel if you finish it.


There are so many trophies that can be acquired in the game. You can have this while doing solo runs, Smash runs, buying in the shop and doing Trophy rush. Each has a description and stories added to it. You can see this Gallery and you can also see all of your trophies on Hoard panel.




If you don’t want the characters available on the game, then make your own avatar using your Mii. You can set the moves you like and equip them to make them powerful. You can choose if you want to be a Brawler, Swordfigther and a Gunner. Each has a different set of move and attack. However, Mii Fighters cannot be used when battling random players online. You can also dress your Mii fighter with a wide selection of suits and hats. You can also acquire and unlock these when you play the game through.


“Worth every Penny! Want me to smash your Pepperoni? “

Rating: 5/5

I never had the chance to play this game on N64. I heard of this in the past and did give a f*ck on this game back then. But when I got the Demo the 3DS. Oh wow, it really took me and later on my money ha-ha! The Demo has only four characters and the only thing you can with it Play Smash with AI and on one map only. I really love smacking those Ai. NAd from that moment I decided to buy the Full game when it is released. The full game is really awesome. Having so many modes to play on, you will not have any boring moment and can switch to any modes if you feel you have enough of that mode. It is worth every penny. This is a sick game and the makers of this game really put a lot of work into this. Graphic is good, Sound is awesome, You can find almost of the soundtrack available on the Nintendo. Gameplay is really great and kicking ass is never this fun. Character customization is awesome. I may look like hipster saying such great praise to this game, but this game is that good that is why I saying awesome things with this. There is one concern I am really worried about though. The Controls, specially the DPad. It is Hit or Miss sometimes. I am having inaccurate moves, accidentally jumps to death. That pisses me off. But that’s it really. That the real one and only concern I have. I only think it is part of the difficulty so that I can enjoy it even after dying. Everything else is fantastic.

kick Fox’s Kirby Balls! hahah

The game is also coming to Wii U and there are lots of more features for that console. I’ve seen the trailer and if you think 3ds version is good. Wii U is definitely better. Some folks are able to play a copy on Wii U. But I don’t have a Wii U so meh. Ill just smash the buttons on my 3DS lol! 

What are your thoughts about this game? Comment it out!


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