[Game Review] Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate developed by Capcom, and the latest installent of the Monster Hunter Franchise. I have spent countless of hours, including Monster hunter Freedom Unite and Monster hunter 3 portable on PSP, and now this. With the new game coming next year, I won’t probably miss the chance to review this game. Here’s my review of the game. Enjoy!

You will start at the small village of Moga where it appears that recent earthquakes is causing the village fear. You must unravel the mystery of these quakes and discover things in the world of Monster Hunter.

This game is just like the other installment of the series, but this one is only playable on Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3ds. New features and monsters are introduced into this game also. Some old monsters are also added to the game. Unfortunately, some monster too are not seen in this game. As usual, you will have to be the best hunter there is. Hunt monsters within a certain period of time. Clear quest from the guild, craft weapons and armors, and explore beautiful maps in a land of monsters.

Prepare for this bastard

One of the feature added to this game is the underwater fights. The underwater fights seems to be hard at first but again when you get the hang of it, you will master it in no time. 

Controls are also similar to that of the PSP console has but this time the DPAD and camera pan got switched. Y to draw your weapon, X to attack, A to roll/duck and B to mine, get bugs, and fish. Pretty much similar from the PSP console like I said. The screen also has a DPAD but you can edit this which the built functions you can use as you play the game. If you are a beginner, the controls may seem to be confusing to use, but when you get the hang of it, I am sure you will hunt monsters with ease. 


You can pick mission when you have finished the tutorial by the Elder of Moga village. This mission have time limits. You can either have Village quests or Guild Quests. Village missions is related to the story you are having while Guild missions are quest that can make your hunter ranking higher. As usual, Guild quest is harder than village quest specially the G rank quests. 
you can really tell how bad the smell is. 

You can also download some quests via DLC. Just connect to the internet and downloads on the DLC menu on the home screen 

Armors and Weapons
You are no good in this game and probably not proceed or last long if you don’t have the right armor and weapons to use. You will have to hunt monsters, mine minerals, look for bugs to be able to get the best armor and weapon to use while on a mission.  

Weapons can be upgraded to much stronger kind of weapon if you have the right materials to craft it. Unlike the weapons, Armors are crafted to be from scratch. It can also be upgraded though it will only add certain number when you use ores for this. Weapons and armors have slots in which you can put upgrades to strenghten up or weaken a certain skill your armor has. 

Not a singe F was given that day

The Weapons type are from the past is still there, The Broad sword, Long sword, Sword and Shield, Dual Blades, Hammer, Hunting Horn, Switch axes, Lance, Gunlance, Bow, Light Bowgun and Heavy bowgun. 
There are certain items in which you can use to help you with the missions. Some item can be used to refill HP and stamina,have max HP  ans stamina, makes Attack and defense higher. 

You can also combine items to have more potent items such as Mega potions, and Mega demon drugs. 

You can sell this items for zeni, the currency in the game. You can also stash this items on your chests near the bed or the one on the canteen.

Also take note that you can only bring a limited amount of items in the game so be careful and bring just what is needed.

I think he is pissed. -.-

New monster is included into the game. Some of the monsters from previous versions are also added to this. Monsters have a new set of moves unlike from the previous version. Make sure you equip yourself with the right gears so that they will not eat you alive. The dreaded duo, Rathalos and Rathians is still on the game. One of teh newest monster here is the Brachidios. This a mean monster so don’t understimate the power of this monster. Other monster can be discovered as you proceed with the game.  


Cha-cha and Kayamba 
Unlike the previous version, Companion felynes removed in this version. But no worries my friend. Cha-cha and Kayamba is there to help you. You will  have them as you progress through the game. You can equip them with headgears and do assigned skill incorporated with that headgear. You can assign dances to them. This duo is so much fun.

This dudes are the best
New maps are introduced to this game. As you proceed with the game, You will unlock new maps. New maps mean new monsters. New maps mean new materials. Be ready to be captivated by the short clips as you enter these maps. 

As always you can play co-op with this game. You can play with up to 4 players. The difficulty of the game may change depending on how many players are on a mission. Wireless connection must be enabled to do this. 

You can use this have additional powerups when you take a certain mission when you eat at the canteen. These powerups will only last for 1 mission or if you log off the game. Do missions labeled as “Canteen” to have more ingredients added on the menu. 

Hey! What’s Cookin?

Canteen is available in Moga Village and Fort Tanzia.


“This is must have of have a Nintendo 3ds or Wii U. This is game is friggin’ awesome!”

I am a very big fan of this game. Even though the gameplay is repetitive, You will not have the feeling of the boredom since every mission you will have is different from the one you just had. It’s like playing a new game every time. Crafting weapons and armors is always good. New monsters and features. Co-op, everything in this game is great. The frustration when you died from a mission, the happiness when you get a rare item for the armor you are creating, maps you explore, Graphics, Sounds and animation. Cha-cha and Kayamba… OMG… The underwater fights with the a monster! Capcom did a real  I can even say so many good things about this game. This is really a must have for every hunter out there. I may have missed out other details of the game. But I will leave that out for you to discover the game by yourself. I will point out just the important ones 🙂 

The real drawback of this is if you are a beginner of this game and if you don’t know everything about the game. The first mission will be boring for you. But as you understand the game and got used to the controls I will bet my life that you will play this game to hearts content lol. 

I hope you like my review. Please feel free to comment and thougths on this game.


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