[Game Review] Fantasy Life

Ever heard of an RPG game that is similar to Harvest Moon, Animal crossing Skyrim and Monster Hunter? Ever heard of the game Fantasy Life? A game developed by Level-5, This game is so much for a handheld device.

You will start as a nobody without a life in the land of Reveria. You will start by creating your avatar first (yes, you can change your appearance too in the game). You will then choose a life that’s suits your taste (you can change life during the game) and start in a room attic room. You will meet BUTTERFLY (yes, there’s a catch with this character lol). You will both explore the land of Reveria to unravel mysteries, complete quests and save the world from impending doom.

How should I put the gameplay. Hmm, Well, this is definitely a hack and slash game. You will have to equip a strong equipments and tools to be able to fight harder monster and Bosses. You will have to dodge and press the button on the right timing to avoid or limit the damage done to you. You can use offensive skills by pressing the correct button for it. This offensive skills will be upgraded if you reach a certain rank for the life you chose.

This are your Master. You will surpass them eventually lol


There are 12 Life classes you can choose from.

The Fighting Classes:

The Harvesting Classes:

The Artisan Classes:

You can raise the rank the life you chose from Novice to Legend. If you buy the DLC you can rank this up to the Creator Rank. You should collect stars to rank up your life. Star can be acquired if you meet a particular mission for that particular life class you have. You can also continue some mission of the life class, even if you are in a different class.

You will gain experience and level up. With the current update and DLC, the 200 is the level cap for this game. You will have stats points in which you can distribute to different stats you have in the game. These stats will have certain effects on the life you choose. You can reset your life when you finish the story of the game.

Im a puny merc! i fight you with this puny armor! 

You can party with NPC’s in the game. You can also play Coop with up to 3 players at the same time you can do online or via WLAN.

The story is linear and you will not be allowed to add people in your party. You should complete Butterfly’s quest in order to proceed with the story.

I pick flower

A new is added on the DLC which is the Origin Island. The story will be available when you finish the game and reached level 50. You should also buy the DLC in order to have it started.

Tools, Weapons and Armors.
There are lots of Tools, Weapons and Armors to choose from. Each  relies on the skill level for that particular item to be used. The higher the level, the better Item you can use. You can buy some tools, some can only be acquired on the fountain and some only can be forged by a Blacksmith.

Some of these items have elements added to them. You can even upgrade your own tools, weapons and armors using some upgrade items added when forging it.

There are different skills available for this game. Some skills are only specific to the life you and some are always available like Dashing and sneaking. These skills will level when you use them more often. You can also use different life skills even though you are on a different life.


“Lot’s of fun! So many things to do and so many reasons why to play this game.”

Rating: 4.5/5

Now this is my type of game! It is like Skyrim with Harvest Moon graphics with some Animal crossing gameplay and Monster Hunter bosses. That is what you call gameplay! You can choose Jobs (which Life) anytime you want. Character customization is good. You can create your own avatar just the way you like it. You can party with different NPC and play with your friends. The only downside I can think of for this game is the DLC. The DLC is good, but I believe $10 is not the price for that. Just my opinion. Graphics are amazing. Monster design is also good. Well, some bosses are just a copy of the other bosses. But who cares, They will all smack you in the face. Sound is great. You will really feel the mood of the game while running around in grassy fields or feel the action when fighting a boss. Overall, I would recommend you to have this game if you have a 3DS console. I will assure this is a worth buy (even though the DLC is 10$). You will have lot’s of fun on this game. Well, at least if you like RPG games. It really depends on the taste you know 😛

I hope you liked my opinion on this and hopefully liked the game. Please do post your insights on this one 😉

Source: http://fantasy-life.wikia.com/wiki/Fantasy_Life_Wiki


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