[Review] Monster Hunter 4 3DS Demo

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is coming to us. This week, if you don’t know it yet, the Demo was distributed via email. Lucky are you if you got one. I am very excited to play the demo and here’s my thought of the demo game.

No change in the gameplay, you will still use the same controls like from the past Monster Hunter games. There are 2 difficulties on the Demo. Beginner and Experienced. Beginner mode is for new players of the game. You will have tutorials on what to do and  how to do stuff. You are quite stronger on this mode. You will have preset armors(In which you will not be able to view the stats) to use. However Experienced mode is another story. Still, you will be given a change to have tutorials but it will be your choice if you wanted to use it. You are weaker on this mode. Experienced hunter can enjoy missions to their hearts content. Also I almost forgot, You will also asked if you wanted to play the game using the Game Pad Pro. 

yes I solo him. And holy f*ck it’s pretty lame.

There are three missions you can choose from. You can hunt the almighty Great Jaggi, the Tetsucabra and the featured monster in the game, The Gore Magala. Each mission will only give you 25 minutes to finish it. And once you finish it you will be brought a “Thank you” screen and will be advised to go to eShop.

The notable feature I can say is that you can play the demo with 4 players via Internet. You can either join a room or create one and set passwords to it. Take note. You will not be able to access room if you are in a different difficulty or different mission Still, local coop is available. Another is that notable  feature is that you will be accompanied by two Felynes. Yes they are back and my Goodness they are so awesome.(Sorry Cha-cha and Kayamba). They have certain skills that can help you in the missions you take.


“Im so excited for the game. Charge Blade is awesomeeeeeeeeeee!”

4/5 yeah doing the same missions are kinda boring. 😛

This demo game is really good. It features all the 14 weapons you can use from the full version. The beginner and advance difficulty is good. If you are new to the game, you can easily grasp the mechanics and controls. As for the Experienced mode, you can experience the game at most. There is no change with the controls (also same with game pad pro). 2 bew monster is introduced on the demo and I bet there’s a lot more on the full version. Graphics is awesome. It gives a vibrant new look on the game. The contrast and color really matches the gameplay and also while you are hunting the monster. Sound is fantastic. It really gets you going while you are fighting or hunting. Coop is still great. Another great addition is the coop via internet connection. So if you have a friend far far away, all you need is an internet connection then you can hunt the monster available in the game. Overall, this is really a very good demo game. If you have played I am sure you definitely want to have the full game.

Again I have given up all 3 codes I have and thank you for tweeting, emailing and comments and for the pm. I am happy that someone actually visits my shit 😀