[Review] Circle Pad Pro for 3DS Monster Hunter 4g Version

With the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate coming, I decided to upgrade my 3DS XL console(Since I decided that I will not buy the newest console) and buy the Circle Pad Pro, Monster Hunter 4g Version. I had to admit it. At first it was like “What f*ck is this” but I got through it and here is my review on this one. I will be referencing the game Monster Hunter since this is the feature game for this baby.
The Circle Pad Pro offers additional  “ZL” and “ZR” buttons and Circle pad. Previous Circle Pad Pro versions has the circle pad on the right side but this version was placed on the left side. It has an Ergonomic design which can give less stress and strain while playing the game. It will run on a single AAA battery. Has a Monster Hunter engraved designs on the front and back. If you are not going to buy the new Console then this will a good option to add on your 3DS system. 

Pro and Cons
– Easily adaptable controls. Genius button placements.
– Good grip.
– Surprisingly and perfectly fits Monster Hunter gameplay.
– Precise control buttons for Monster Hunter
– Only 1 AAA battery is used but long hours of usage. 
– Easy to dock.
– Ergonomic design
– Does not block cartridge, Earphone and charger slots.


– Bulky.
– Few game support.
– Uses battery. 
– Block Stylus Slot.

I am very overwhelmed and surprised when I used this attachment. At first, the buttons may seem to be on odd placements but when you get the hang of it, you will appreciate on how well this add-on works. My hand does not feel any strain while playing the Demo version of Monster Hunter 4u. Adapting to the control is hard at first. I admit I died while hunting the Great Jaggi. But when I knew the controls, Oh boy, I had the most enjoyable and dynamic camera views I can have while hunting the monster. Item usage is optimized since I can used both L and ZL buttons. I also rarely use R button now since ZR buttons is larger and can be felt easily. It does not block cartridge, earphone and charger slots But, you have to keep your stylus near you since you cannot pull this up if you needed it.

Overall I really like using the Circle Pad Pro. I hope this is a useful review for you and I hope I can play Monster Hunter with you 🙂


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