[Review] Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

All the hype and the excitement was fulfilled when I play this game. I have been playing MH4U since its release last February 13, 2015. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is the latest game from Capcom and the the latest installment from the Monster Hunter series. Unfortunately this game is only available for the 3DS and 2DS consoles. I will try not to make spoilers here since this is the first monster Hunter game that has an actual story line.

You will start at caravan’s boat where you are introduced to the Caravaneer in which will guide you as you proceed with the game. You unlock maps as you go through the story. The story is quite light but this is BIG in Monster Hunter since this is the first time a Monster Hunter game got a REAL story to follow.

Gameplay is still the same. Same controls and mechanic applies even if you using Circle Pad Pro controller. New immersive maps are used for hunts on this game. You do mission for the story mode and do Guild missions for ranking up. Pretty much still the same.

Tigrex is still a one fucked up dude. And you will meet his cousin Brute Tigrex

The game eliminates underwater sections that were present in Monster Hunter which I think is too bad. The addition of mounting mechanics play a vital role on each hunt. This is a very new mechanic and the first time on a Monster Hunter Game.

Another additional content would be the Expeditions quest. After each mission you do, there will new Expedition quest available. This is like the Forecast done by JR. from the monster hunter. but not just one map. The monster that will appear on caravan quest depends on the mission you have done on the game. These maps are also unstable so you will encounter other monster. 

All the previous weapons from the series are still available. The Broad sword, Long sword, Sword and Shield, Dual Blades, Hammer, Hunting Horn, Switch axes, Lance, Gunlance, Bow, Light Bowgun and Heavy Bowgun. 

 Gravios is a very good pet

 2 new weapons was added to the list however. The Charge Blades and the Insect Glaives. Charge blade’s are of similar to Sword and Shield with the vials and transformation of a Switch Axes. Insect Glaives is much similar to a Long Sword but does a different attack pattern. You can do Pole jumps to do mounting, collect essence with you Kinsect for stat improving buff and. You can also level up this new weapon to be stronger and much effective on the hunt. 

There are new monster that are presented on the game like the Gore Magala, Najarala and lots more. Some monster form MHFU and MH3U are also present on the game. SO far these game has the most monsters that are available on the game.  


My God. I cannot seem to find any reason how to loath the only play. It is mysteriously super stable, no lags or anything. No sudden disconnection(if you have a better internet provider of course) occurs. Again only 4 can play simultaneously like Local Play. 

Oh My Gore. 

Climbing is much more easier to do on this game. You can attack with your dagger, do lateral climbs and do jump attack after clinging.

Felynes are back but instead of hiring them from some, You will have to find them on the mission you do. At first you have the ACE Palico. This felyne can never be replace on it spot. You can add 1 palico then from the one you have hired from the quest. This Palicoes can be trained and do lots of stuff in the game. There will be a special place to be unlocked just for them. You can also do Palicoes quest to gain materials and create weapons and armors for them.

That Pussy

Guildmarm is a beauty. No questions asked.


Easy 10/10 and a must have if you a Nintendo 3DS(no WiiU yet)

Why 10/10 you say? It’s friggin Monster Hunter game dumbass. The only drawback I can think of this is game is really how new players can cope up with the game and attach themselves to love the game. The opening missions can be boring but as you level through the mission and rank up, oh boy, The hunt keeps getting better and better. This game is really a heaven to every monster hunter enthusiasts out there. There is no way you will hate this game. The mission you do are very rewarding and doing grinds can be less hustle since every game hunt will bound to be a different one from the other. The armors you create are very awesome. New design and some familiar armor is still present.


Graphic is good. You will really feel the environment or even the intensity of the game. Sound is awesome. Animations and little thin running on the backround makes the place you are into really alive. Though some animation (like when you fight a Gore Magala) sometime makes the animation skip frames. 

All in all, this is a game I really recommend playing with other players. This game is so rewarding  and makes every hunt you do really important. This what i loved about monster hunter. I hope you like this and I hope to play with you Online 🙂  


[Review] Circle Pad Pro for 3DS Monster Hunter 4g Version

With the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate coming, I decided to upgrade my 3DS XL console(Since I decided that I will not buy the newest console) and buy the Circle Pad Pro, Monster Hunter 4g Version. I had to admit it. At first it was like “What f*ck is this” but I got through it and here is my review on this one. I will be referencing the game Monster Hunter since this is the feature game for this baby.
The Circle Pad Pro offers additional  “ZL” and “ZR” buttons and Circle pad. Previous Circle Pad Pro versions has the circle pad on the right side but this version was placed on the left side. It has an Ergonomic design which can give less stress and strain while playing the game. It will run on a single AAA battery. Has a Monster Hunter engraved designs on the front and back. If you are not going to buy the new Console then this will a good option to add on your 3DS system. 

Pro and Cons
– Easily adaptable controls. Genius button placements.
– Good grip.
– Surprisingly and perfectly fits Monster Hunter gameplay.
– Precise control buttons for Monster Hunter
– Only 1 AAA battery is used but long hours of usage. 
– Easy to dock.
– Ergonomic design
– Does not block cartridge, Earphone and charger slots.


– Bulky.
– Few game support.
– Uses battery. 
– Block Stylus Slot.

I am very overwhelmed and surprised when I used this attachment. At first, the buttons may seem to be on odd placements but when you get the hang of it, you will appreciate on how well this add-on works. My hand does not feel any strain while playing the Demo version of Monster Hunter 4u. Adapting to the control is hard at first. I admit I died while hunting the Great Jaggi. But when I knew the controls, Oh boy, I had the most enjoyable and dynamic camera views I can have while hunting the monster. Item usage is optimized since I can used both L and ZL buttons. I also rarely use R button now since ZR buttons is larger and can be felt easily. It does not block cartridge, earphone and charger slots But, you have to keep your stylus near you since you cannot pull this up if you needed it.

Overall I really like using the Circle Pad Pro. I hope this is a useful review for you and I hope I can play Monster Hunter with you 🙂

[Review] Monster Hunter 4 3DS Demo

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is coming to us. This week, if you don’t know it yet, the Demo was distributed via email. Lucky are you if you got one. I am very excited to play the demo and here’s my thought of the demo game.

No change in the gameplay, you will still use the same controls like from the past Monster Hunter games. There are 2 difficulties on the Demo. Beginner and Experienced. Beginner mode is for new players of the game. You will have tutorials on what to do and  how to do stuff. You are quite stronger on this mode. You will have preset armors(In which you will not be able to view the stats) to use. However Experienced mode is another story. Still, you will be given a change to have tutorials but it will be your choice if you wanted to use it. You are weaker on this mode. Experienced hunter can enjoy missions to their hearts content. Also I almost forgot, You will also asked if you wanted to play the game using the Game Pad Pro. 

yes I solo him. And holy f*ck it’s pretty lame.

There are three missions you can choose from. You can hunt the almighty Great Jaggi, the Tetsucabra and the featured monster in the game, The Gore Magala. Each mission will only give you 25 minutes to finish it. And once you finish it you will be brought a “Thank you” screen and will be advised to go to eShop.

The notable feature I can say is that you can play the demo with 4 players via Internet. You can either join a room or create one and set passwords to it. Take note. You will not be able to access room if you are in a different difficulty or different mission Still, local coop is available. Another is that notable  feature is that you will be accompanied by two Felynes. Yes they are back and my Goodness they are so awesome.(Sorry Cha-cha and Kayamba). They have certain skills that can help you in the missions you take.


“Im so excited for the game. Charge Blade is awesomeeeeeeeeeee!”

4/5 yeah doing the same missions are kinda boring. 😛

This demo game is really good. It features all the 14 weapons you can use from the full version. The beginner and advance difficulty is good. If you are new to the game, you can easily grasp the mechanics and controls. As for the Experienced mode, you can experience the game at most. There is no change with the controls (also same with game pad pro). 2 bew monster is introduced on the demo and I bet there’s a lot more on the full version. Graphics is awesome. It gives a vibrant new look on the game. The contrast and color really matches the gameplay and also while you are hunting the monster. Sound is fantastic. It really gets you going while you are fighting or hunting. Coop is still great. Another great addition is the coop via internet connection. So if you have a friend far far away, all you need is an internet connection then you can hunt the monster available in the game. Overall, this is really a very good demo game. If you have played I am sure you definitely want to have the full game.

Again I have given up all 3 codes I have and thank you for tweeting, emailing and comments and for the pm. I am happy that someone actually visits my shit 😀