New Weblog for Kwispiworld

Hi all, I have decided to move to another blog section and leave the last blog content and move to this new one. Do not worry the links will not change it is still . I will try to be more active with this one and do my best to bring you updates and news for videos games.

And now back to the game 😀 cheers!


Ingress on iOS! Finally!

Hello IOS friends. Yes! this is the moment you are waiting for! Ingress is now officially playable on iOS! You can now use those fancy iPhones and iPad to enjoy this awesome game. Currently the version 1.56.3 is available in iTunes. Just follow the training guide in-game and you are set to go! So what are you waiting for? Come on! Join us! Pick your Faction and hak those portal away!

You can download Ingress HERE

New Rating System

Hi guys. Sorry if I can’t post new game reviews recently. I will apply a new method on how to evaluate and give verdict to the games I will review. I will give a comments like “PLAY IT”, “AVERAGE GAME” and “You can play this but I warned you” marks on the review I will make. Yeah. I realized the the number system sucks and wasn’t really helping at all. Well I hope you will like this new method and I will post the recent games I am playing soon. Cheers!

April fools day by Google

A lot of us use Google maps to locate places in which we are not familiar.

Recently, Google pulled off an April Fool’s prank by offering a job, It is to become a Pokémon Master. By updating your gmaps app on Android or IOS, you will be able see Pokémons lingering around the world. You have to collect 150 pokemon and locate them using the gmaps app.

I must say, this is a new and fascinating way of locating places using the app. I, myself found it enjoyable searching for this little creatures. It took me half a day to locate them and still make me want to look for more.

Unfortunately, this event will has ended, April 2nd 2014. And I hope Google will still put up events like this in the future.

Game Reviews starting now.

Hi guys! I am back and ready to be a blogger again! And new things are coming off this blogsite. Stating now, I will post video game reviews. The posts will be categorized as “Reviews” so that you can distinguish that it is and in fact a game review. Games will be picked randomly(whatever i may encounter) ranging from consoles, mobile devices and other mediums (but mostly mobile phone since this is most commonly used gadget as of today). I will still post random topics and craziness on this site. I will still think of new topics and ways on how to improve the blogsite. Thanks and and Happy gaming.